Mindfulness-Based Training for ADHD

Mindfulness-Based Training for ADHD

Eight-week course

Live Online

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 PM ET

Starts: March 6, 2024

Space is limited

This ADHD-friendly class offers you:

1. Education about ADHD in a way that allows you to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of how ADHD shows up in your life.

2. Training in mindfulness. You will learn a variety of ways to formally and informally practice mindfulness so you can find out for yourself what fits you as a personal practice.

3. Tools and skills that link ADHD education and mindfulness training to help you find more strategies and confidence to manage the ways ADHD impacts your life.

Does this sound like you?

I want to find more ways to manage my ADHD.

People keep suggesting mindfulness can help with my ADHD, but I don’t think I can do it because of my ADHD.

I want to find ways to improve my focus and attention, regulate my emotions, and reduce stress caused by my ADHD.

Why train in mindfulness for ADHD?

Here’s what the research suggests are some of the benefits.

Attention: Improvement in the control of mind wandering, attention regulation, and lessening time spent being distracted.

Self-compassion: Development of a kinder, more supportive relationship with yourself.

Emotions: Improvement in awareness of your emotions and how to regulate them.

Stress management: Increase in stress management skills.

Interpersonal effectiveness: Improvement in interpersonal communication skills.

What you will get in this course

      • 8 weekly online classes

      • Two hours per class
      • Downloadable audio recordings to use to do the mindfulness practices during the eight weeks and beyond.
      • Handouts for each session that include:
        • Easy to follow home practice instructions.
        • Summaries of the learning themes for each session.

Each class you will:

      • Learn and experience how to do at least two formal and informal mindfulness practices.
      • Learn about a topic related to ADHD and mindfulness.
      • Engage in mindful group discussion of in-class and at-home practices.
      • Get clear instructions on how to do daily, brief (5-15 minutes) mindfulness practices at home.

This step-wise training will give you knowledge, tools, and practical experience with skills that you can apply to your experience of ADHD.

Weekly topics include:

Week 1: Orientation and becoming more present
Introduction to the course, introduction to mindfulness, learning about ADHD

Week 2: Developing mindful Awareness
Becoming more aware of what your ADHD patterns are
Learn and practice mindful breathing
Practicing mindfulness in daily life

Week 3: Anchoring to the present moment
Learn and practice mindfulness of sound, breath, and body
Practicing and applying mindfulness in daily life

Week 4: Learning to listen to your body
Learn and practice mindfulness of body sensations and movement
Practicing and applying mindfulness of body sensations in daily life

Week 5: Observing your thoughts
Mindfulness of thoughts
Practicing non-judgmental awareness
Practicing and applying mindfulness of thoughts in daily life

Week 6: Mindfulness of emotions
Working with emotions
Practicing and applying mindfulness of emotions in daily life

Week 7: Skillful communication
Mindfulness and relationships
Mindful listening and speaking
Practicing and applying mindfulness of interactions and communication in daily life

Week 8: Keeping mindfulness alive in everyday life with ADHD
Reviewing what you’ve learned
Maintaining mindfulness formal and informal mindfulness practice
Setting your personal intentions


Keep reading…

There’s more important information to know before deciding if you’re going to take the next step to join this course

So you can get the most out of the course, there are a few requirements

  • You must be over 18 years old.

  • If you are currently in treatment for ADHD with a mental health provider and/or another healthcare provider, you must consult with them before taking this course. It’s suggested that you explain to them your interest in taking the course, you can give them a link to this webpage so they can read more about it, and discuss together whether, in the context of your treatment, this is the right time to take this course.
  • You do not have to have a formal diagnosis of ADHD.  However, please note that this course is designed to address ADHD only.  It is not intended for people who experience concerns such as, for example, distractability and impulsivity, that may seem similar to ADHD but have other causes.

  • It’s not required that you have engaged in prior treatment or work to address the symptoms and impact of ADHD in your life.  However, if you have, that will be beneficial and likely help you get even more from your time in this course.  Prior treatment and work can include medication, talk therapy, and skills building.
  • You are asked to make a commitment to practice the mindfulness and other techniques learned in class for at least 15 minutes each day.

  • One participant per computer screen. Please do not share screens with another course participant.

  • Use of a laptop or desktop is best. Audio and video capability are required. Mobile devices are not recommended.   

  • All participants are required to remain on-camera during all parts of a class.

  • People who have not registered for the course may not observe or participate in the course.

Your investment: $497

That includes:

16 hours of in-class time

Downloadable guided mindfulness practices so you can practice anywhere

Downloadable handouts with easy to follow instructions for how to do several informal practices

Guided instruction and facilitation from a certified and experienced mindfulness instructor who has over 20 years of experience helping people living with ADHD

Why learn this in a group setting?

        * Financially, it makes sense: If you were to work with someone individually to learn the same things, it would be at least $150/hour and likely more.  This course is $31/hour.

        * There are benefits to learning in a group: Through practicing together and the sharing of experiences, participants learn from each other.  Also, learning in a group fosters a feeling of connection to others who have similar concerns.

        *Space is limited: The class size is limited so that I can give more individualized attention, even in a group format.

Interested in taking the course?


Here’s the NEXT STEP

Schedule a FREE 20-minute course discovery call with your course instructor.

In this call, we’ll explore your interest in this course and whether it’s a good fit for you now. You’ll learn more about how the course is structured, what you can expect to gain from it, and what you’ll need to do to get the most out of it.

Meet Your Teacher

Marilia Marien is a certified teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). She maintains a mindfulness-based training, coaching, and consultation practice. She has trained hundreds of people interested in learning mindfulness for many reasons, including reducing stress, taking better care of themselves, and experiencing more meaning in life. Her mission is to empower others to connect with and radiate the health and well-being they deserve by learning to apply mindfulness to their daily life. Marilia specializes in training and coaching mental health and allied healthcare professionals who want to learn mindfulness to enhance their well-being and/or to integrate it into their professional work. Therapists refer clients to Marilia to learn mindfulness so they can apply it to their therapy work. Allied health professionals refer patients to mindfulness-based courses like Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and workshops led by Marilia to help with stress management and coping with chronic illness.



This course is not clinical treatment for ADHD or any mental health condition. It is not intended to replace any other treatment you are engaged in.

Mindfulness is not a replacement for mental health treatment. This course does not constitute treatment or an offer of therapy services. If you are looking for the help of a mental health professional, please seek out a mental health professional near you.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Should you choose to cancel your registration, course fees are 100% refundable until February 28, 2024 at 5 pm Eastern US time. After that date, there are no refunds, no exceptions. To cancel, please send an email to marilia@mariliamarien.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve never done mindfulness before, is that ok?
YES! No prior experience practicing mindfulness is needed.  This course is designed to be accessible for those new to mindfulness practice as well as those with a lot of experience.

Is this the best time for me to take this course?  
You should schedule a course conversation, which is the next step if you’re considering taking the class.  During this conversation, we will review some information and I will share more about the class and answer any questions you have.

This course is not clinical treatment for ADHD.  It is meant as an educational complement to what people are doing to treat their ADHD symptoms.  If you are currently in treatment for ADHD with a mental health provider and/or another healthcare provider, you must consult with them before taking this course.  It’s suggested that you explain to them your interest in taking the course, you can give them a link to this webpage so they can read more about it, and discuss together whether, in the context of your treatment, this is the right time to take this course.  

What are some reasons that now is not a good time to take this course:
Your healthcare provider does not think it’s good for you to take this course.  You’re experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of depression, hypomania, mania, or anxiety.  You are abusing substances, have a recent or untreated history of trauma, are experiencing symptoms of psychosis, or have significant and chronic difficulty getting along with people interpersonally or managing your emotions in a group setting.