Empowering those who care 
to also care for themselves

Marilia has trained hundreds of people who were interested in learning mindfulness for many reasons – from reducing stress, to taking better care of themselves, to feeling more meaning in life.

Marilia specializes in training and coaching mental health and allied healthcare professionals who want to learn mindfulness to enhance their well-being and/or to integrate it into their professional work.

Through her past experience of working as a therapist, Marilia is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that come with this type of work. Her training and coaching are designed with these challenges in mind to help clients achieve optimal results.

Therapists refer clients to Marilia to learn mindfulness so they can apply it to their therapy work. Allied health professionals refer patients to MBSR groups led by Marilia to help with stress management and coping with chronic illness. If you’d like to learn more about referring your clients or patients for mindfulness training, get in touch below.

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        • Learn what mindfulness is
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Professional Credentials and Training

Ph.D in Counseling Psychology
University at Buffalo, New York

Certified Teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness

Certified Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Facilitator 
Centre for Mindfulness Studies, Toronto, Canada

200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Over 24 Years in Therapy Practice

Supervisor and trainer for Mental Healthcare Professionals

Personal mindfulness practice of over 18 years

Does this sound like you?

                • You feel that burning desire to help others but end up feeling burnt out.
                • You’re working so hard (and putting others’ needs before your own) that you don’t give your own body and mind enough time to rest.
                • You feel worn down, overwhelmed, or in a rut…and not sure how to get out.

Like you, I’ve felt the stress and emotional overwhelm that can come from working in a helping profession. The effects of this stress can permeate every area of life –  health, social connections, and personal sense of meaning.

If the idea of having time to exercise, rest, meditate, and enjoy fun times with family or friends feels impossible or not productive, I know exactly how it feels.

Hoping there was another way to live this one precious life, I thought to myself: “I should know how to manage these feelings better. I shouldn’t feel this stressed out doing the work I love.

I thought there had to be other coping tools. Ones they didn’t teach us in school and definitely didn’t teach us in our professional training…

Discover new possibilities for your life with mindfulness

During my search for different ways to cope with life stress and burnout, I stumbled upon mindfulness.
Practicing and applying it to my everyday life turned everything around.

I finally started to…

  • Regain that lost sense of excitement about work

  • Make time (and a solid plan) for self-care
  • Integrate well-being into everyday life

  • Enjoy higher-quality interactions with clients

All of that happened when I wasn’t yet aware of the research behind mindfulness. I just recognized how much it helped me live life without so much stress and tension.

Feeling more benefits over time, I realized mindfulness could help my clients, too.

With my scientific mind-set and mental health training, I wanted to make sure that anything I brought to my clients actually had a proven track record of working for others.

In those days, mindfulness wasn’t yet nearly as well-received in the mental health world as it is today. I was excited when I read the studies and literature supporting the application of mindfulness with clients. Hooray!

After becoming a certified MBSR teacher and sharing mindfulness over the past decade, my heart still fills with gratitude every time I hear how these simple practices make a difference in people’s lives.

My students report feeling more energized, relaxed, and more like themselves.

They’re able to transform their relationship with the things that caused them stress and pain and feel more empowered, confident, and able to meet life’s challenges.

I wish I would’ve learned all of this before I started working as a therapist. Now I’m honored to share it with YOU so you can feel the benefits for yourself. 

Let me guide you in putting mindfulness to work in your life

You’ll feel on solid ground with my rigorous scientific and mindfulness training and expertise, as well as over 15 years of personal mindfulness practice. 

Even more importantly, you’ll be partnering with someone who truly cares. 

As a certified MBSR and MBCT teacher, I’ve brought mindfulness training to individuals as well as:

                      • Schools and universities 

                      • Healthcare settings

                      • Marginalized and underserved communities

My deepest wish is to see you radiate the health and well-being that you deserve.

Let’s connect to see how my mindfulness training can help or simply join the next free mindfulness class.

Try a FREE Mindfulness Class

Curious to get a taste of mindfulness for yourself?

 Join me for a free mindfulness class every first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm Eastern US time via Zoom.

      • Learn what mindfulness is
      • Learn one way to practice mindfulness
      • Practice mindfulness with other

No prior experience needed

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